Nothing to Identify
= Maximum Security, Privacy & Safety

HeHealth removes all traces of you in our system. It's like you were never here before.

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HeHealth uses multi-layer privacy and security measures.



HeHealth is anonymous! We do NOT collect any personal information about our users. This means that we do NOT require you to give us with your name, phone number, email, address, or any other personal information to use the HeHealth app. The penis pictures sent in for analysis will NOT be linked to any other data to make sure your identity will remain unknown. We don't even know who you are - so nobody else can find out either!


Data encryption

Data encryption is the process to use an algorithm with a key to convert readable data into an unreadable format that can only become readable again with the right key. It is enabled by default for all storage. Keys are managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are stored in the AWS key management service.


Minimal information

HeHealth only uses very minimal amount of information/data that's absolutely necessary to analyze your conditions. It means we don't capture any of your personal information at all. 

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