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HeHealth Update
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Valentine's Self Love Flower Bouquet - Discover New Love Languages with HeHealth and TENGA

Love, a word that multiple people define as that one thing that makes you care about someone above all rationality and give them everything they need, nevertheless in a world that idealizes this idea it is easy to forget about the person we spend most time with, ourselves.

This year, as Valentine’s Day approached, HeHealth.ai joined hands with TENGA. These two teams known for their unique vision of breaking down stigmas and changing norms set by society partnered to change the perception of love around this worldwide celebrated holiday by giving us the “Love Yourself” campaign.

Behind our collaboration

HeHealth’s mission relies on one elementary principle, care. So while gathering our thoughts on who would be the perfect partner on our journey, one name set itself apart, TENGA, a Japanese manufacturer of sexual wellness products, whose goal is to let people know that sexual needs are part of being human, and there shouldn’t be shame in it.

As our main goal was to change people’s perceptions, TENGA’s shared values align perfectly with ours, allowing us to collaborate while maintaining two essential characteristics, HeHealth’s care and TENGA’s pleasure, and mixing them with our primary message of self-love, contributing to a positive change in attitudes and understanding related to sexual wellness and love.

Sharing our message

To share this message we adopted the bold approach of any great revolutionary and game-changer, we took over the streets. We were emphasizing the spread of our message and letting people know that self-love is the most special characteristic a person can have.

Embraced by the joy of people, our team engaged in open conversations by asking people to share their most interesting stories about love and sexual health to know each person just a little better. Obtaining heartfelt stories about how they show love to themselves; reminding us that love can be as simple as buying ourselves coffee and reading a good book.

As people concluded to share their lives they were handed a special gift that embodied the essence of both companies without leaving aside their message of self-love, the present included a TENGA cup, HeHealth complimentary scans, and a bouquet of roses crafted by their team. Upon presenting the gifts to each individual, their joy became our ultimate reward while receiving words like: “This is the first time I get flowers in my life” or “I haven’t received flowers in a long time”

Self-love = Care + Pleasure

Many people have the wrong impression of what self-love is. Self-love is not elevating yourself above any other person, or believing you have the last word, because self-love does not subtract, but add. Self-love is one of the biggest journeys a person takes in life, because it involves care, attention, and especially realizing that it defines our relationship with others.

That is why we took charge into changing the narrative in a world that forgets to prioritize self-care, and the importance of pleasure, through our collaboration with TENGA, we emphasize “self-love = care + pleasure” , a life-changing formula that encourages people to stand tall and embrace their own journey with love.

Diego Dominguez
Marketing Intern @ HeHealth.ai | Journalist | Ming Chuan University

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