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What is HeHealth?

HeHealth is an AI driven, smartphone-centric anonymous solution and community that helps all penis-owners with STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) solve their penis problems.


You can use our app to instantly screen for penis issues for free by taking a photo and answering two questions, and connect with people that might face similar issues as you do. And everything would be anonymous. 


The screening tool is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) built by physicians and world class AI scientists. 


In the future, we will provide discrete and private care. Apart from screening and community, you can also talk to a specialized doctor privately through our tele-health service to arrange the necessary care you need.

Why should I use HeHealth?

We believe empowering people with the right information at the right time is critical to build the future of healthcare. Sensitive issues such as genital problems are often stigmatized that a lot of people are afraid to seek help or simply don't know where to start.


HeHealth is built to provide a different way for you to find answers to your penis problems that are truly relevant and helpful compare to what you would get from google search.


Our solution is built by physicians and world class AI scientists to offer you answers that you cannot find elsewhere online. 


When you have any doubt or question regarding your penis, why not try out HeHealth?

Is my data safe?

We DO NOT collect any personally identifiable information like name, phone number, e-mail etc.

Creating a HeHealth account is super simple! Creating an account DOES NOT require any personal information - no name, email, phone number, address, birthday etc. We DO NOT recommend our users to use any other alias or similar ID that you use for other purposes either. So please also be very aware of what you share in the community.

The images are also encrypted. We use two protection layers to ensure your privacy:

(1) Anonymization: we do not collect any user's personal identifiable information. The users would only need to create an anonymous account to use the services.

(2) Data encryption: we follow the HIPPA guidelines and use data encryption. 

I'm seeing some non-English text in the HeHealth community posts. Are those spam?

The HeHealth app is a newly launched application that has recently been mentioned on global medias. This public visibility has resulted in a lot of non-English users using our app and hence non-English posts appearing in our community feature.


As our app is still in its early stage, we are working hard to update it to a new version that hope to support multi-language features.

Does HeHealth support other languages?


Not at the moment.


However, our team is currently working on updates and improvements that will enable the app to accommodate more non-English speaking users. This process may take some time as we have a small team. We appreciate your patience, and thank you for your continued use of our platform.

Why do I need an account?


HeHealth accounts are required to ensure a smooth user experience, and allow other users to connect with you within the community. As mentioned, we do not ask for any personal identifiable information, so no one else (other than you) would know you are using HeHealth.

Where can I download HeHealth?


HeHealth is now available for download on app store and play store. You can download the app by clicking the icons below.

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app store.png
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