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Seeing signs of STDs but not sure? HeHealth is here for you!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Yes, you heard it right. If you are seeing some signs and not sure if it's an STD, you've read through tons and tons of info online but still not sure, or you find it very difficult to ask your friend or family? HeHealth is here to relieve those problems and get you the help that you need!

So, what is HeHealth?

HeHealth leverages AI (artificial intelligence) to provide a mobile-centric, private solution and an anonymous community to support men (or penis-owners) who are facing STD (sexually transmitted disease) issues.

Simply put, HeHealth is created to help people have a better understanding of their body and prevent the spread of STDs.

You might feel very intimidated to go see a doctor when you first see any sign, or the appointment is days/weeks away but your heart is racing and it's been tough. That's very common, so you are not the only one. We know there's a lot of stigma and shame associated with STDs, lots of misconceptions and misinformation, and many are turning to online forums for crowd-diagnosis instead of going to see a doctor. That's where the AI approach comes in. AI doesn't judge or discriminate!

What can you do in the HeHealth app?

  • STDScreen: Screen for your STD concern You can simply take a photo and get instant result on what the visual sign is on your penis (of course anonymously), as well as some personalized information that you may find useful. With that information, it will allow you to have a better understanding of what's going on, and hence slightly easier for you to go see a doctor or get tested. The screening tool is created by doctors and world class AI scientists. It has a high accuracy rate in detecting different STDs and covers over 90% penis-related conditions including STDs, fungal infections, and penis cancer, and we're also working hard to include more rare diseases. We can proudly say that it's gonna be so much better than what you get from crowd-diagnosis or self-diagnose with Dr. Google, the only difference is's not for diagnoses!

  • Community: Connect with a supporting society A safe community space that allows you to seek connection with people like you around the world while remaining anonymous. With this safe platform, you can now share your worries, experiences, questions, and anything else.

  • Tele-health services (launching soon): A discreet and private care service for those who wish to talk to a specialised doctor and arrange the necessary care you need all through the mobile phone. We are working hard to launch the services, so people can have more options, but each country would have different regulations and limitations, please contact us if you can help at!

What about privacy?

We know you might be wondering, truth is....HeHealth does not collect any personally identifiable data (no name, phone number, email etc.)!

The only information required is a user ID and password - you can use whatever you like as long as it won't connect to you in any form! And please remember to NOT share any personal information with the community.

We use two layers of protection to ensure you are truly anonymous and your data is confidential.

  1. Anonymization We do NOT collect any personal identifiers. HeHealth does not recognize you or have a profile of you, and as such no one could ever recognize you.

  2. Data encryption Data encryption is enabled by default for all storage. Keys are managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are stored in the AWS key management service. We follow HIPPA guidelines to ensure your data is protected.

Basically.....It's like you never existed in our system.

I've used the screening tool, but what does the colors mean?

The screening result will be instantly shown after you have screened your penis and completed 2 simple questions. Depending on your penis condition and your answers to the questions, the result will display different colours such as:

  1. Green: Penis looks normal.

  2. Yellow/Amber: Penis may look normal or not normal but the AI is not very sure, and you are encouraged to seek further testing or assistance from your doctor.

  3. Text results may vary as it is determined by different factors (e.g. answers to the questions, photo quality, the AI confidence level etc.)

  4. Red: Penis is not normal and you have to seek immediate help!

However, do take note that some STDs do not have visible symptoms. Thus, all analysis given is based on visuals signs of your penis. BUT if you have answered yes to either of the above questions, we would recommend you to get it checked by a doctor!

We need your feedback to get better!

Our HeHealth app is still in its infancy, but we're making progress every day. There is always room for improvement, right? More functions and features are on the way, and this process can be further sped up with your help! In order for us to continue to be the best version of ourselves and to further serve your needs, we will really appreciate it if you could drop us your thoughts and feedback about the HeHealth app.

Here are the 2 ways that you can do it: (All feedback will be kept anonymous)

  1. After submitting your case and receiving your result, a pop-out notification will appear to get you to share your feedback.

  2. In case you missed that pop-out notification, you can also access the feedback by clicking into the screening history and scroll to the bottom of the page.

By sharing with us your feedback, a free physician case review will be provided so that you can gain better insights into your results! If you encounter any bugs, crash, or have other suggestions to share, you can also head to Account > App Setting > Send us some app feedback.

HeHealth app is now available on Google Play and App store. Go download it now!

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